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Several New Songs (Accompanied by Lyrics) on Youtube: Please Watch and Pass On!


As I ponder my life I realize
That all the problems I’ve got are half the size
Of what we, as Jews
Endure every day
That every day, another one of my brothers goes his way
And as the world press pokes fun at dirty kykes,
I see my people fighting
A losing battle
The only way for us to survive
Is to put aside our differences
Cause they don’t matter
And when we’re one no one can stop us
But how long will it take
How many lives must be taken for us to make
It clear to the world
That we’re here for good
So let me hear you clap your hands and make it understood

No matter how many enemies come my way
I’ll be here till
Judgment Day
No matter what the world has to say *2
I’ll be here till
Judgment Day

What will it take
For our politicians
To get a clue
I just elected you
But you ain’t even Jew
I gotta go by my instincts and buy me time
With every passing day I leave my feelings so far behind
I know the day will come
When we fight as one
I just don’t know when
We’ll get this business done
I wanna lead my people
To victory
I wanna overcome
This misery
Just who are you to tell me which way to go
And who the heck are you
To tell me so
As long as I’m here
I’ll always get my way
If you don’t wanna play
I guess I’ll make you pay

No matter how many enemies come my way
I’ll be here till
Judgment Day
No matter what the world has to say *3
I’ll be here till
Judgment Day

I wonder why we don’t learn from history
From misery and tyranny
When will my people open up their eyes and see
That everywhere the Jew will go
No matter what he does he’ll be a hoe
That there’s only one place meant for us
Watch out whom you trust
And when you think you know a man
Go slow, son
Cause one can never know
Till the deed is done
It’s greed that drives our leaders most often
And more than once they’ve ended up
Closed in a coffin
I cannot lose my edge
I cannot self-destruct
But almost every move I make I’m getting blocked
How long will we suffer at the hands of Amalek
My sistas and my brothers have got my back

No matter how many enemies come my way
I’m here till
Judgment Day
No matter what the world has to say *3
I’m here till
Judgment Day

No matter how many enemies come my way
I’m here till
Judgment Day
No matter what the world has to say *3
I’m here till
Judgment Day

I’ve come here to fulfill a once-coveted dream
A mighty nation has arisen out of the ghetto scene
We’ve fought in six wars and thousands have died
But in memory of them we stride our Jewish pride
This ain’t no joke
I ain’t crappin’ no kiddy litter
My mouth’s dry and my heart’s bitter
Cause every day I see my people hitting the sack
I ain’t kidding you gimp
Ya know I dream of cappin’ Hassan aka faggoty fag
When hate fills my heart I resort to my brain
When there’s nowhere to go we stand on guard of our domain

My pops took on the Soviet regime
Az lama ani lo yachol leha’amin So why can’t I begin to believe
She’od yavo hayom shebo nahzor le’Tzion That the day that we return to Zion will come
Yo achi ze lo chalom aval ulai ze hachom Yo bro, it’s not a dream, but maybe it’s the heat
So give me your hand and make me wanna believe
Ani amiz, ata amiz ubiyachad nishbor le’Nasralla et ha’piv I’m brave, you’re brave, and together we’ll break Nasralla’s nose
Ke’ikaron ani muchan lehilahem In principal, I’m ready to fight
Kidei lehavi shalom amiti le’Yisrael In order to bring true peace to Israel
So look out Hassan Nasrallah and friends
We’re gonna get you in the end
You’re in no man’s land

In G-d we trust
Cause it’s all 6 million of us
Against a billion of them
Shma Yisrael: ani rak matchil lechichamem Hear O, Israel: I’m just beginning to warm up

No matter how many enemies come my way
I’m here till
Judgement Day
No matter what the world has to say *3
I’m here till
Judgement Day



Am Yisrael Chai

Ani mitga’agea elaich, eretz moledet

Bibi: Stay strong, we support you!

My love for this land is like the sun
It never sets
Cause my mission ain’t done
If it’s a flower
I’m it’s petal
If it’s a tower
I’m its metal
Don’t no one gonna mess with my land
It’s mine to keep
What belonged to my forfathers
Is mine to reap
My lyrics are deep
And somewhat unique
I just need to figure out a way
For us to keep
Our land in the sun
Truth be told
I’ve only begun
I’m gonna announce transfer
And put you on the run
I’m gonna legalize Kach
Start having some fun
Ata iti, achi? Are you with me, bro
O im ha’islam? Or with the Islam?
Ha’derech od aruka The road is still long
Ani ve’ata You and I
Roim ha’matara See the goal
Tahzkiki hazak Hold on strong
Al tevatri Don’t give up
Tiri See
She’od natzliach That we’ll still succeed
Od nitgaber Still overcome
Le’hadlik et ha’menora (Be able to) light the menorah
Le’maan For the sake
Eretz Yisrael! Of the Land of Israel!

Eretz Yakara Dear Land
Eretz shel shalva Land of harmony
Eretz she’natnu la Land that we gave
Et kol ha’ahava All (our) love

Eretz ha’avot Land of the forfathers
Shfachot ve’imachot Maid servants and formothers
Eretz she’ahavnu Land that we loved
Le’orech ha’dorot In the course of all the generations

It’s been so long
Since I started writing this
How many times
Have I missed
Said the wrong things
In the wrong kind of way
But I’m here to stay
Set a record
For languages used in a rap
Step up to the plate
And put me on the map
Kol hishtaldutay All my efforts
Le’maan achai ve’reai (Are) dedicated to my brothers and friends
Ahavat Yisrael The love of Israel
Mofia be’kol shirai Appears in all my songs
Ani dovek be’emuna I cling to my faith
Mitpalel Le’Kel Shakai Pray to G-d
She’hu yamshich That He’ll continue
La’habit bi To look at me
Ve’leehov oti bli dai And love me to no end
Skolko let (Russian) How many summers
Skolko zim How many winters
Krov techet moego naroda The blood of my people is (being spilled)
Kak mnogo iz nac How many of us
Ne uvidyat cleduyshego goda Won’t (live) to see the coming year
Seychas vesna It’s spring now
Bremya isxoda Time of exodus
No iz Egypta But from Egypt
Naprovlyaetca k nam Bad weather is coming our way
Ploxaya pogoda
Higiya ha’zman (Hebrew) It’s time
Le’hilachem le’maan To fight for the sake of
Ha’am The People
Az bo nishma otchem So let’s hear you
Sharim be’kol ram: Raise your voices and sing:

Eretz Yakara
Eretz shel shalva
Eretz she’natnu la
Et kol ha’ahava

Eretz ha’avot
Shfachot ve’imachot
Eretz she’ahavnu
Le’orech ha’dorot

When will the world
Hear our song?
We’ve waited for Moshiach
But we don’t have to wait long
He’s coming
He’s on his way
Every day we pray
Every day we try
Every day we cry
Cause every day more and more
Of my people die
We face a two-pronged attack
Our enemies are back
They’re smoking crack
Whether it’s Hizbullah
Abbu Allah
Or Jews for Yashke
They’re all drinking mashke (liquor)
They aren’t going to win
Their ways are a sin
They wanna convert us
They say they support us
They want is to deport us
The Arabs at least
Don’t hide their intentions
Missionaries are senseless
And we’re not defenseless
We need to fight back
Go on the attack
We don’t owe you jack
We need to get back on track
Send them to Iraq
Or better yet Iran
Oh yes we can
You’ll get stoned for preaching
You don’t even know
Whom you’re teaching
What y’all doing’s reaching

Eretz Yakara
Eretz shel shalva
Eretz she’natnu la
Et kol ha’ahava

Eretz ha’avot
Shfachot ve’imachot
Eretz she’ahavnu
Le’orech ha’dorot

Ha’torah she’anu lomdim The Torah that we learn
Ha’mitzot she’anu mekaymim The commandments that we observe
Yishtalmu be’yameinu Will pay off in our days
Ein ein aleinu No one is like us
Na’aleh le’har ha’bayit We’ll go up to the Temple Mt.
Nahzir aleh zayit Return the olive branch
Nivne chomat barzel Build a steel wall
Nahzir et ha’shalom Return the peace
Le’kol am Yisrael To the entire People of Israel
I wanna be there
I wanna be there to see
My people rejoice
The prisoners of Zion
Finally go free
Yonatan Pollard
Mechakim lecha We’re waiting for you
Ani neshba I swear
Ha’lev sheli itcha My heart is with you
Gilad Shalit
Od tachzor be’shalom You’ll still return
Ata hofata You appeared
Etzli ba’halom In my dream
Raiti et ha’mechablim I saw the terrorists
She’mahzikim otcha ba’ken That are holding you in a cell
Nehargim al yidei hayaleinu Getting killed by our soldiers
Ve’otcha me’talfen And you calling
La’gid le’olam To tell the world
Lo shichrarten oti You didn’t free me
K’shesavalti ba’shevi When I was suffering as a hostage
Lo azartem li You didn’t help me
Aval ani chai But I’m alive
Dai la’merivot Stop the fighting
Bein achai ve’achotai Between my brothers and sisters
Boa nahzor Let’s return
La’eretz avotai To the land of my forfathers

Eretz Yakara
Eretz shel shalva
Eretz she’natnu la
Et kol ha’ahava

Eretz ha’avot
Shfachot ve’imachot
Eretz she’ahavnu
Le’maan ha’dorot

Reactions to My Last Post and the Latest Latma Hit

Shavua tov to all! My last article was met with some skepticism in the local community. I want to hear what you have to say regarding my understanding of what Zionism means, the validity of my argument that the founding fathers of Israel were righteous individuals without whom there wouldn't be an Israel today, that the State of Israel is on the whole a positive entity, and so on.

I'm open for discussion. Whereas there are some issues I simply won't budge on, I'm open to discussing most of what I wrote. Once again, shavua tov and please enjoy the latest Latma hit (and check out Latma @ If you have questions about Latma, feel free to ask. If you like their videos, please subscribe to their Youtube account and leave your comments.

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The State of Israel: Good or Bad?

There are plenty of Jews who will argue that the State of Israel is a horrible thing. Many will go a step further and claim that we had no right to create an independent state of our own. These people are wrong. So long as they're not Neturei Karta they aren't bad people and I wouldn't go as far as claiming they are making a "hillul Hashem"--a desecration of the name of G-d. They are misguided and uneducated. Narrow-minded, I'd argue.

Of course, these Jews will call me all kinds of names and tell me I'm completely wrong, or as one individual on Youtube claimed once, "deserve to be hanged." The key in these kinds of situations (when a fellow Jew begins lamenting your birth) is to pretend like you're not there; to ignore this person outright. This fits in with the theme of unity.

What are my claims concerning the State of Israel? Notice: I'm not alluding to the "Land of Israel." This, everyone, besides Neturei Karta followers agree, belongs to the Jewish People and has been given to us by G-d for posterity. The State, however, is an area of contention. To me it's fairly simple. Yehuda Ha'levi wrote about it in his "Kuzari." It's alluded to in some siddurim--prayer books. Some congregations invoke our leaders during Shabbat services, asking the Almighty to provide them with good counsel. We pray for the safety of our soldiers standing on guard on "water and land." Whenever trouble is brewing in Israel, we ask G-d to be merciful to His Land and People AND to counsel its leaders.

In fact, it could be said that Moses was the first Zionist. The term "Zionism" itself has been misinterpreted (with good reason) by many. They like to confuse "Zionism", or the Jewish People's desire to return to the Land of Israel with all kinds of beliefs foreign to Judaism such as Marxism and Liberalism but this is a separate topic to be discussed in a later piece.

I've sat and listened as my brethren seek to destroy the individuals who made the State of Israel a reality. I know. I've heard the propaganda. Hertzel didn't circumcise his son. He sought to forcibly convert European Jews to Christianity. Only after the Dreyfus Trial, did he finally realize that the Gentiles would never allow us to peacefully live amongst them. And Zhabotinsky!? Well he was a secular journalist who was closer in spirit to Tolstoy than he was to a religious Jew. He supported Ben-Gurion's campaign to cut off Sephardic Jews from their spiritual past. And what if hadn't been for these men? Would there be a State of Israel today? Would this state have allowed thousands, if not millions of Sephardi and Russian Jews to have returned to Israel? Would there be yeshivas sponsored by the State?

Hertzl, Zhabotinsky, Aba-Achimeir, Trumpeldor, Stern, the Irgun and Lehi fighters hanged by the British: these were the prophets we have been seeking for two thousand years. Israel? This is the land we face while praying. The "Occupied Territories"? These are the holiest places in Israel; places depicted in the Tanach.

One might think I'm coming from an entirely secular perspective while writing this. I'm not. Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I do my utmost to pray three times daily, observe koshrut and Shabbat. It's not that. The only thing that separates me from my fellow Orthodox Jews is my ability to remain open-minded all the while enclosed within a cubicle. This cubicle is a lifestyle which doesn't allow for many of the exercises of modern hedonism. I prefer to live in this cubicle and hope my children will grow up covered by an aura of purity. I do, however, remain committed to certain ideas associated with the liberal camp. One of these things is my belief that the State of Israel is mostly positive.

Notice I say: "mostly positive." Our government and the way it governs isn't beyond reproach. Nowhere close in fact. A lot of the things it does is not only against Halacha, but also against its own best interests. Whether it's risking the lives of Jewish soldiers to board a ship carrying "activists" to Gaza or allowing a plane packed with terrorist supporters to land in Ben-Gurion, the Israeli government is constantly making mistakes genuinely believing that it's serving the best interests of the Jewish People. And what about the decisions it makes that are not meant to serve our best interests? There are those as well.

When I write of loving the State of Israel, I am not referring to loving the decisions it makes. Rather, we must focus on its history and the positive influence it has on the world. The love of the Land of Israel is a component common to almost all Jews. Let's try and make the love of the State another reason to unite.
Shabbat shalom!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the Meaning of Unity

I recently had a chance to eat Shabbat lunch at the home of a friend I greatly admire. Most people in the community wouldn't have lunch at his house, but I would. Why wouldn't they, you ask. Well, he believes the Lubavitche Rebbi (was) the Moshiach. Now, I can deal with that. There's a gigantic difference between Jews who believe the Rebbi was Moshiach and Jews for Jesus.

Christians and Jews who worship false gods base their erroneous beliefs on a a man-made faith whose entire philosophy is predicated upon unjustified concepts. I'm not going to delve into this. Chabad Jews who believe the Rebbi (was) the Moshiach are just another branch of Judaism.

As far as unity within the Jewish People, a good friend of mine once told me something I found very interesting. It turns out that the focal principles the three monotheistic faiths (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) hold most dear are the ones they have the hardest time maintaining. Look at Christianity. Their underlining principle is "love." They preach love for one another, love for all creatures. It's love, love, and more unconditional love. Theirs is the faith that has (incidentally) murdered millions of innocent people throughout history. Their conquests, crusades and pogroms claimed countless lives.

Now look at Islam. It's main principles? Not to steal and modesty. Yet Muslims are known as the biggest thieves and greatest womanizers. Is this mere chance? Judge for yourself!

And now for Judaism. We have been preaching unity from day 1. I don't need to quote the Tanach for references. There's overwhelming evidence for this claim. And what do we have the most trouble with? Unity. I recently learned that just like the Vilna Ga'on predicted the precise year (and month) for the outbreak of World War II, he predicted that it would be followed by an age during which Jews would have tremendous trouble dealing with each other's differences. So when I hear of a Lubavitche Rabbi visiting a different synagogue in Crown Heights every Shabbat, I'm overjoyed. When I hear of Yishai Fleisher sitting down with representatives of Shalom Achshav (Peace Now), it makes me smile.

Unity isn't easy. We hate each other. Ashkenazim hate Sephardim and vice versa. The religious hate the secular. Secular Jews hate religious-especially ultra-Orthodox Jews, and so on. It's a perpetual cycle of anymosity. And to think: we were all one happy family just a hundred-fifty years ago. What has changed!? What has shaken our community so much that "there are three opinions for every two Jews"? Maybe, some of you have the answer. I'm just struggling to understand...

Whatever the case may be, I call on you to go "shul-shopping." Make a concerted effort to attend services at a new synagogue every Shabbat. Have dinner with your liberal friends; lunch with your "Yichi" neighbor. Only then will we find out if the Rebbi...

Rabbi Kahane's "Our Challenge: The Chosen Land"--A Review

I've been reading Rabbi Meir Kahane's (H"YD) "Our Challenge" (circa 1974) in which the Rabbi outlines his plan of action for the coming years. He calls for drastic reforms to Israeli education. He says that while our fathers and grandfathers came to Israel with clear attitudes regarding their religious/cultural values, the new, "golden youth" of our day have no such moral roots to base their lives upon. Instead, they have a vacuum of ideas and such a vacuum leaves them open to all kinds of attacks from different directions.

The Rabbi talks about transfer of the Arab Israeli population and of Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Aza. He supports voluntary transfer of those Arabs willing to accept monetary compensation in order to move elsewhere. He says that those Arabs not willing to immigrate from Israel would be faced with the harsh reality of having to swear allegiance to the State of Israel in order to receive Israeli citizenship. These Arabs would be pressured not to receive citizenship status--instead not having voting rights and rights to own land if they choose not to become citizens.

Kahane stresses the importance of Aliya. He calls on all Jews living in the Galut to return to Israel. He calls on the Israeli government to accept Jewish moral values. He confronts Hellenist Jews who would gladly accept all Arab demands for a "return" of "Palestinian" refugees, the "return" of territories liberated in the Six-Day War, etc.

The Rabbi speaks to the people of his age just as much as those of our times. He calls on young Jews not to hearken to false prophets: intelligentsia calling on the Jewish People to succumb to Western culture, thereby losing their Jewish identity. He warns against assimilation and intermarriage. He draws parallels between the events of modern day and Nazi Germany. Our people are becoming increasingly Westernized, forgetting their rich religious/cultural heritage.

The Rabbi doesn't buy into popular myths. He gives no legitimacy to a "Palestinian" people. He claims such a people don't have a unique culture, language, history or religion. These are Arabs who lived in Israel prior to our victory in the 1948 War for Independence. Had it not been for the Roman Emperor Hadrian's brutal assault on Judea, and his subsequent renaming of Judea as "Palestine", today's "Palestinians" would perhaps be known as "Judeans." The fact that not only the outside world, but Israel itself has recognized a "Palestinian" entity legitimizes their struggle. To be sure theirs is the struggle to wipe out the Jewish People--and not just to reoccupy Judea and Samaria as they'd like to have us believe.

One thing I simply cannot fathom is that the media destroyed the Rabbi and the Jewish People vilified him and continue to vilify him and all his stood many years following his death. Are his teachings not the teachings of most clear-headed Orthodox rabbis today!? Are the ideas he presents in his books/lectures not those that every religious-Zionist Jew today adheres to? Why so much hate for a man who died defending the Jewish People and the State of Israel? Why the vilification and eventual murder of his son and family members?

I'll be honest: there's much I don't understand. I don't understand why Rabbi Kahane was a racist. I don't understand why he was a Nazi. I don't claim to understand why the Shin Bet helped murder his son and part of his family. I don't understand why there's so much hatred for the Rabbi and his ideas amongst fellow Jews. What I do understand is why the Arabs hated him and desperately wanted to get rid of him. The Rabbi presented the biggest danger to their cozy existence and perpetuation of Jew-hatred. He was a real threat to their neat little lives of lies and terror 

Funny this is that until I recently became interested in reading Kahane and watching his debates on Youtube, I too, bought into a lot of the lies being perpetuated about him. So deep is the hatred of authentic Judaism amongst today's liberal Jews, that as someone who lived in Israel, this hatred slowly became entrenched in me as well. Partly, I blame some of Kahane's followers who take the Rabbi's ideas out of context. They go too far in their own hatred. Of the Arab. Of their fellow Jew. But a large majority are well-educated, open-minded individuals with a burning desire for a more Jewish Israel.

Let's hope Rabbi Meir Kahane's ideas are fulfilled speedily and in our day!
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